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Nakamada Fanfic 
7th-Sep-2009 09:19 am
This is the first time that I've written a fanfic. i hope you like it.:D

Pairing: Ryosuke Yamada and Yuma Nakayama
Genre: Comedy/Romance/Shounen-ai
Rating: GP

Ryosuke had been sitting near the table, having tea after his rehearsal when he noticed Yuma having difficulty with his dance. He shook his head and stood up.


“Nani?” the latter looked back, his hair smoothly flowing with the breeze as he moved.

Ryosuke felt hot blood rushing to his head, making him go red as he saw Yuma smile.

“Damn fan.” Yuma murmured. “What is it Yama-chan?”

“Oh, I saw you practicing and I thought you’ve got a bit of a problem doing that turn.” Ryosuke timidly said.

“Yeah, I can’t seem to turn 360 degrees in one step.” Yuma admitted, blushing.

Ryosuke even felt hotter on his face seeing Yuma blush. Even his heart accelerated.

“Need help?”


“Well, first you should move your right leg all the way to the back, then twist your body fully and align your feet together after. Like this.” And Ryosuke turned on the spot.

“Oh. Sugoi!”

“Go ahead, try it.”

Yuma did the turn successfully. As he did, Yama-chan stared, bemused on how lovely had Yuma been with his hair flowing in the air.

“Wow. Thanks Yama-chan.” Yuma beamed.

“Yeah..” Yamada rubbed the back of his head, smiling and holding back on the thought of smothering Yuma with a hug.

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